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Extra Information Window
Stacey Kronk

Here is some more information about my Squirrels:

Name Species Gender Birth Date
Sticky Rascal Eastern Grey squirrel Female August, 2001
  Southern Flying squirrel Male  

My Eastern Grey squirrel's name is"Sticky Rascal". I raised her from aproximately ten days old. She is now almost six months [as of January, 2002] and too imprinted on me to be released. I am crazy about her and she is a constant source of entertainment.

I am looking for a baby Southern flyer female. Please feel free to email me at about squirrels anytime.

I now [August 21/03] have one two-year old female eastern grey and a one-year old male southern flyer. Submitted: January 23, 2002
Updated: June 11, 2003
Updated: August 21, 2003